Meet the Next Step College Prep team

These are the friendly faces behind the scenes at Next Step College Prep. Find out why we do what we do and feel free to contact any of us about your questions, concerns or just to get in touch! We’ll be happy to hear from you.


Renee Bates

Finance and HR Manager  E-Mail

Why do you do what you do? I am definitely a people person and love helping/guiding others. I am also a numbers girl. So my role here as the HR and Finance Director is a perfect fit for me. I love being part of and watching our team grow as individuals in their roles and as a team. I love and truly believe in our mission and could not be happier to see it flourish. 

Diana Fisher

Diana Fisher

Vice President of Marketing E-Mail

Why do you do what you do? I've been with Next Step for almost 15 years and my role within the company has changed a few different times. Each time I switched gears, though, I had the same vision in mind — to get really cool information to the teens that are seeking it out. I love to think that because of something I designed, produced or shared that someone took an action that determined his or her path to success. I still remember the people that helped shape my decisions, and to think that I can help with that from behind the scenes gives me my drive to continue to produce amazing opportunities for our users.

David Mammano

David Mammano

Founder and CEO E-Mail

Why do you do what you do? My passion is to help people become better people. I am at my best when helping those who are ready to take the next step in life. I have passion for, and get energy from, creating products and experiences to help others discover their natural path. I am inspired by people who strive to reach their potential and am happy when I can be a part of it. My secret to being a successful entrepreneur since 1995 is not being afraid to try new things and surrounding myself with a team who shares the vision of helping the world reach its potential, one student of life at a time.

Lisa Mietelski

Lisa Mietelski

Customer Concierge  E-Mail

Why do you do what you do? Basically I do what I do because I love to help people! My title is Customer Concierge and just like a hotel concierge, I want to make your experience with Next Step a pleasant and memorable one. Whether I am working with a high school counselor or a college admission professional, my goal is to offer excellent customer service. I love to work with people and every day is a little different.

Laura Sestito

Production and Editorial Coordinator E-Mail

Why do you do what you do? I've always loved reading and writing because words give you the ability to take ideas and make them into something that can be shared. The ability to inform is something powerful and I want to share the knowledge that we have with everyone who comes to our site. It's so rewarding to see how our content encourages others to take action and how those actions eventually turn into success!