Students and parents are overwhelmed by the process of planning for college. It's almost impossible to answer all of their questions — at least not without a little help. Next Step College Prep is here to make your job easier!

What is the College Planning Curriculum Toolkit?

The Next Step College Planning Toolkit is an all-inclusive college planning platform for counselors, students and their parents. While the college planning process can be overwhelming, we lay out — step by step — exactly what they should be doing and when. Our comprehensive program developed based on what families said they needed help with the most and was perfected with our 21+ years in the education industry. 

World-Class College and Career Curriculum

Get access to our custom College and Career Planning Curriculum, our thoughtful and thorough approach to helping any student in any school prepare for a college or career path after high school.

This tool is excellent to supplement school counseling offices as well as for new counselor training.


What's included in the College Planning Toolkit?

The College Planning Toolkit is made up of four steps: Getting Started, Exploration and Research, Making a Decision and Tying it all Together. Within each of those steps are five more additional sub-steps that go into each category more in-depth.

Here's how the toolkit is laid out:


  1. Courses to Take
  2. Major/Career Plans
  3. Calculating Costs
  4. Postsecondary Options
  5. College Search Factors


  1. Exploration & Research
  2. Campus Visits
  3. Reviewing Your List
  4. Extracurriculars
  5. Evaluating Colleges


  1. Making Decisions
  2. Creating a College List
  3. Testing - SAT/ACT
  4. Financial Aid
  5. Standing Out


  1. Applying to College
  2. Recommendations
  3. Essays & Resumes
  4. Showing interest
  5. Choosing a college


Next Step's materials are now available to school counselors and education professionals looking to deliver their own college and career programs. This curriculum is excellent for new hire training or for any organization looking to supplement their college and career readiness program.

If you are interested in receiving access to these materials or have further questions about the content and pricing, please contact Next Step College Prep to request more information about this opportunity.