About Us

Next Step College Prep's planning services were created in order to help families tackle the confusing college planning process.

We developed our toolkit to have clear, step-by-step instructions of what students need to do and when by organizing our content with helpful videos, handouts, homework and articles.

Our history

Next Step College Prep has been helping students find the right path since 1995. What started as a print magazine has now become an online resource tool to help each individual families find exactly what they need to prepare for the next step in life.

Additionally, we have developed an initiative to work with underserved students and bringing them world-class college prep through community-based organizations. This initiative is part of our efforts to make college an option for everyone.

The Association of Educational Publishers has recognized us for our excellent content and we continue to produce nationally recognized content that is current and timely for our users to benefit from.

Our Purpose

We aim to make a difference in the lives of our readers and we do so with our four core values:

  1. We aim to wow
  2. We’re helpful
  3. We’re accountable
  4. We Do Whatever It Takes